Something different: Books I didn’t finish


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This post is a little different, I’ll still be talking about this book and why I didn’t finish it but I’ll also touch on what I feel about the general idea of not finishing books.



Why did I stop reading this book? The simple answer is that I just wasn’t interested.

It wasn’t a bad book and the characters were likable. I also quite enjoyed delving into the mind of a celebrity and exploring his view on fame. It was interesting to be in his shoes, to experience being recognized and hounded by the paparazzi when all you wanted was an ice-cream cone. Unfortunately, despite all that, the story just didn’t have that *oomph* that I was looking for.

From the inside flap, it’s obvious that the book contains generous servings of cheesy and awkward romance. At the time, I had just finished binge-watching a Taiwanese 偶像剧 (idol drama) which was probably the limit of my cheesiness tolerance. So that’s one reason why I didn’t feel like pulling through till the end. Also,


call me crazy but a huge part of the romance genre that I enjoy is the thrill of the chase. In this story, there wasn’t really a chase to begin with, but rather an obstacle in their relationship. I can’t be too sure, but about mid-way through the book, it seemed like that road-block had been removed. What remained of the book was


her relationship with her father (Which strangely seemed more like a subplot in the first half?) and I wasn’t too interested in that. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t too invested in any of the characters to begin with.  As I didn’t finish it, I can’t give a definitive answer on whether it is worth reading because perhaps it just wasn’t for me.


“This is what happy looks like” was not the last book I gave up on. Right after this one, I tried to read Frankenstein in graphic novel form but gave up because I was having a hard time following the story. However, just because you put down a book, doesn’t mean that the book is terrible or you weren’t determined enough to get to the end. Every book is a different experience.

I used to believe that if I didn’t finish a book, I wasn’t entitled to an opinion about it because I didn’t read the whole work. Which is why I slogged through books I had no interest in only to say “Ew I hate this why did I even bother GAH” at the end.

So what changed this time? Well, I was telling my friend about this book and how I thought it was quite silly and a little pointless. When I said I was still reading it, she looked at me like I was crazy and said, “If you don’t like it then why are you still reading it??” Well, she had a point. I realised, if I wasn’t enjoying myself, I had the power to stop and pick up something else. I realised that by just putting the dang book down, I could free up time that would have otherwise been lost. Thank goodness for friends with common sense. 

So now, I believe that if you don’t enjoy a book, no matter how much progress you’ve already made, then by all means pick up something else! It isn’t your fault you don’t like the book, so don’t waste your time away. Well…unless this book you’re reading is for an assignment. Then I wish you good luck. (Come to think of it, if it is for an assignment, surely it must have some sort of value? But that is a topic for another time.)

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