The Queen Of The Tearling — Erika Johansen

Hello there,

I’ve made a list of things that I thought were worth mentioning about the book. But before I get to that…

Important note: Book contains profanities, sexual references and some violence 

Now on to the list! If you’d prefer to skip the list, I also included a TL;DR at the end of this post.

  1. This is the first book I’ve ever read that centers around politics, and it was surprisingly good!
  2. Something a lot of people mention about this book is that it went too slow. I admit, it was definitely slower than most books I’ve read, but I thought it was the right pace for this story and allowed me to get to know the characters well.
  3. Speaking of characters, I felt like I could relate to most of the characters from one viewpoint or another. Even when it came to the typically more “villainous” characters, I did not feel like they were just cardboard cutouts to be pelted with eggs. Instead, they were fully fleshed out and all their decisions had their motivations.
  4. Another thing that seemed to bug some readers was that the story was set in a medieval kingdom in the future. Although I did find this a little strange, it never bothered me simply because it was a fantasy novel. How would the Tearling be less believable than a world filled with dragons and monsters? Shouldn’t readers of fantasy expect to suspend their disbelief?
  5. However, what I thought could have been done better was the element of “Magic” in this book. Magic played such a key role in pushing the narrative forward, but it was never explored in as much depth as it could have been. Perhaps this particular facet will be explored in the sequels, which I will be getting to when I have the time.
  6. Little side note: I’m studying for my SAT test and this book exposed me to foreign words and expressions that I wouldn’t normally get from the Young Adult books I usually read.

TL;DR — I enjoyed the book immensely and will be picking up the sequels 🙂

Happy reading


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