Evidence of things not seen — Lindsey Lane

Hello there,

The title says it all, “not seen” being the key words here. Maybe I should have stopped myself from getting swayed by the beautiful cover and the promise of quantum physics but I picked it up anyway.

Warning: This isn’t a narrative-type story. This story is told in both third and first person perspectives. But every chapter is told through a different person. This isn’t a story about the life of Tommy, the missing boy, but the lives of those around him. Sometimes it links back to him or other characters but sometimes the different perspectives seem completely unrelated. It wasn’t in the inside flap so I thought you should know.




The biggest problem I had with this style of writing was that there wasn’t enough time to learn about each character and really empathise with him/her. They story never really progresses and there is no conclusion. I know that this is how real life is sometimes but what about the growth of other characters? They just come and go. We only see snippets of them, never a whole. Sometimes I get attached to a character but it’s a shame because I’ll get a different one in the next chapter.

One thing that I thought was interesting was that the lives of some of the characters intertwined. However, this required a lot of flipping back and forth between the pages to find out who was who and mentally string it all together. But by then, it lost the opportunity to make a bigger impact on the reader.

I personally would not recommend this book but this unique writing style may be right up your alley. Or maybe you’d just like to satisfy your curiosity. Either way, pick it up or don’t, no one’s judging. (I’m serious)

Happy reading



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